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Recent Articles

What's triggering my GitHub API rate limit?

A journey trough logs management, packet sniffing and obscure monitoring tools.

Deploying to Google App Engine with GitLab's CI

Flawless CI & CD within a single config.

Networking setup for FAUST CTF 2019

Remote A/D teams are possible with a bit of networking voodoo.

pwnable.kr #1-4

Testing grounds for CTF competitions.

Disabling touchpad's middle click in Gnome 3

No more unexpectedly pasting text as you scroll through.

Using Dell's iDRAC6 with newer Java versions

Getting "Connection failed" or nothing at all when launching the applet?

Logging DNS queries on your EdgeRouter

By using dnsmasq and patching a config you can log all your DNS queries.

How much does Plex know about you?

No more full opt-out from remote metrics with the new Privacy Policy that Plex is applying.

Upgrading Rancher v1.x & Docker

A quick overview on upgrading Rancher and the underlying Docker engine.

IKEA Trådfri: my favorite IoT paradigm

How all IoT gateways & hubs should be conceived.

NUT & CyberPower UPS

How to resolve the dreaded "Data stale" error.

Netlify, GitHub Pages & GitLab Pages

When details matter as much as performance and integrations.

Go on C.H.I.P.

Getting the latest Go language version on NTC's C.H.I.P.

NodeJS, MongoDB and Redis on NTC's C.H.I.P.

Things got better, recently.

Avoiding Promise.all() fail-fast behavior

Sometimes stopping on the first error is not so useful.

Kue for Node.JS microservices

My take on the popular message queue.

Hexo on Netlify

Make your blog static with Hexo & Netlify.

PocketC.H.I.P. has arrived!

A few things you might want to tweak in your shiny new PocketC.H.I.P. by Next Thing Co.


A lightweight, self-hosted and API-based file upload server supporting YubiKey OTP authentication.

On default ports

Leaving services' ports at their default values: convenience VS security.

Hexo, OpenShift & CloudFlare

My impressions on setting up a blog engine on OpenShift, with a bunch of arguably useful additions.